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DCC Live for Independent Suppliers November 2017

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With confirmation that the DCC will be live for independent suppliers from November 2017, suppliers seriously need to begin the process of engaging with the Smart Energy Code (SEC) to ensure that they are ready to fulfill the obligations that will come into effect.

The Smart Energy Code is a multi party agreement which sets out the obligations between the DCC and users of the DCC (suppliers). Therefore in order to be able to comply with the DCC legislation, suppliers must sign up and accede the code which is administered by SECAS.

Regardless of which option you will be using to communicate with the DCC, as a supplier you will need to engage with SEC  in order to initiate that process. With many of the set up regimes and testing taking long timescales to complete (e.g the security and privacy assessments take a minimum of 21 weeks) we strongly recommend that you begin the processes now. You can view the information on the SEC website

Datamere are continuing discussions with a number of parties that provide DCC Adaptors and/or a managed DCC service and are aiming to get an option in place that will suit our supplier clients (should they choose to take it). However, we cannot stress enough, the importance of beginning the process of engaging with SEC. Datamere will provide an update to all clients as soon as we have finalised our discussions. 

SEC Helpdesk Tel: 020 7090 7755