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December Newsletter from Datamere

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Here’s our latest newsletter which includes details on our Christmas donation for 2015.  datamere newsletter December 2015

We’ll be here for support on the 29,30 and 31 December but closed on all of the standard holidays.

We would like to wish all of our clients and friends a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016!

Energy Support Bureau working with Opal Gas

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Our sister company, The Energy Support Bureau has had another new client sign up for the managed services that they offer to energy suppliers.

Opal Gas Limited,  who are based in St Albans had their licence granted in May and having taken the summer to get the necessary agreements in place are now ready to go!

The arrangement with the ESB, which was finalised in the summer, allows Opal Gas to really focus on their customer base and provide the very best in pricing and customer service without having to be too heavily involved in the industry processes.

“It’s a perfect arrangement for us” commented Philippa Bailey of Opal Gas. “Working with the Energy Support Bureau allows us to really become familiar with the industry processes but in our own timescales, so we don’t compromise our customers in any way. As soon as we are up to speed with the process side we will be in a position to take on GMS V4 in-house and then continue to manage the administration internally”

“It’s a great arrangement for new entrants to the market” agrees Julie Jones-Ford from the ESB.    “Being able to use GMS V4© means that we are strategically placed to bridge the gap for Opal Gas and allow them a real focus on business growth.  We’ll be able to work closely with Opal to help them understand all the functionality that GMSV4 can offer and ensure a smooth transition when they take on the database themselves.”

The Energy Support Bureau was set up by Datamere in September 2014 to support new entrants to the gas supply market. Having worked with numerous new entrants, it become apparent that extra support was needed in the initial stages for suppliers, so the Energy Support Bureau was set up.

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GMS V4 Migration Continues

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With the majority of our clients now in the migration phase and a few already migrated, V4 will be the dominant system in use for Datamere by the end of 2015. It’s a little behind schedule as our original aim was to have all clients migrated by summer 2015 but the delays with Project Nexus were understandably the main contributing factor to this delay.

While it will take a little while to get V4 bedded in, you’ll be glad to hear that that a great many of the teething problems and bugs that are associated with any new system have already been ironed out (courtesy of The Energy Support Bureau who have been running V4 since December 2014). The ESB offers back office managed services for gas suppliers and with five clients signed up and using the service, V4 has already been put through its paces!

The team at the ESB have found V4 to be far more intuitive and user friendly and offer a genuine enhancement over V3.  The visibility offered with the system, especially with regards to things like file contents and portfolio overview is a clear winner for those users who need this level of detail.

It’s been a really busy year for the team at Datamere supporting the migration and working on the continuing development V4 as well as GENUS. We now have a total of 18 staff based in the office and if the business continues to grow we may be looking a new offices yet again!


Project Nexus Delayed until October 2016

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As generally expected within the industry, Ofgem has recently confirmed that Project Nexus will be delayed until October 2016 to allow “robust systems testing and market trials” to take place.

The project aims to overhaul the existing GB gas settlement arrangements to make them fit for purpose in future gas markets and the planned modifications have been developed to ensure the competitive gas market will meet the current and anticipated requirements of participants in the market, as well as supporting the rollout of advanced and smart metering. There had been much uncertainty around the proposed launch dates for the project with many parties expressing concern that the timescales weren’t realistic.

The Project Nexus Steering Group  were advised by the independent project assurance manager PwC in May this year that the original implementation date was no longer viable due to insufficient time for systems testing ahead of market trials for gas transporters and shipping.

Please visit to read the full documentation.